The GO WILD™ difference starts at the source of origin — the pristine North Atlantic, America's Gulf Coast and the icy-cold waters off Alaska.

Here, seafood thrives in its natural environment — feeding on a wild diet of smaller fish, algae and plankton. Because seafood that's wild-caught is able to swim freely its entire life, it grows stronger and firmer with time. So there's a lot less fat than GO WILD's farm-raised cousins.

We also source GO WILD™ seafood only from those fisheries that follow the most stringent food safety requirements and best practice standards, ensuring long-term sustainability. And it's always caught at the height of the season, when it's most flavorful. Taste wild-caught and you'll know the difference immediately—cold, clean, pure, just like the ocean it came from.

MSC_logo_web.png  GO WILD™ Premium Seafood displaying the MSC eco-label — is certified sustainable, responsibly sourced, and traceable to an MSC certified fishery.  For more information on how MSC certification is good for you and our oceans too — visit www.msc.org


Flavorful, sustainable, ready-to-prepare... that's the GO WILD™ difference!


Making the Cut

Only the best fish, sea scallops and shrimp make the GO WILD™ cut. So you can be sure you're getting 100% premium seafood every time.

Plus, our fish is hand-filleted; our shrimp, hand-peeled and deveined; and our sea scallops, hand-graded. Why go to such extremes? Simple. To preserve premium quality and consistent serving size — making every GO WILD™ meal as good as the last.

GO-WILD_trigroup_recycle_temp.jpgGO WILD trays are 100% recyclable!

That's good for you — and good news for the planet, too.

Just as we follow 100% responsibly sourced, sustainable, traceable fishing practices, we are as diligent about protecting our planet when it comes to GO WILD™ packaging. Our plastic trays are translucent, not black, as you often see in other food products. That's because clear and white #5 Polypropylene trays are 100% accepted by most plastic recyclers that process this material. Unfortunately — the label, permeable top film, and absorbent pad in the bottom of the tray (which wicks moisture away from the seafood to ensure freshness) — are not commonly recyclable at this time. These items should be removed from the tray and discarded with the normal refuse.

healthy heart_temp.jpgHere's to your good health...

GO WILD™ seafood is among the healthiest sources of protein available. It's also low in calories and has no carbohydrates.

Plus it's naturally high in many essential vitamins, such as E, C, D and A, as well as a wide variety of minerals including zinc, iron, calcium and selenium. In addition, our GO WILD™ Alaska Salmon selections, in particular, are good sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which provide a wide range of health benefits.

More information on the health benefits of fish.   (Courtesy of Alaska Seafood)



...and to our planet's good health, too!

Seafood is also a highly efficient food source whose dietary requirements are just a fraction of what cattle need to consume over their lifetime.

And fish don't expel vast amounts of greenhouse gasses into the air! Simply put, responsibly sourced wild-caught and farm-raised seafood is far more eco-friendly than any other source of protein, making it the ideal long-term choice for feeding our world's growing population.